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Potężne i niezwykle elastyczne narzędzie umożliwiające rejestrację dźwięków, edycję plików muzycznych, zawiera wiele niewielkich wyspecjalizowanych narzędzi dzięki czemu uruchamiany jedynie tą część pakietu która jest nam niezbędna do pracy. Aplikacja obsługuje pliki MP3, OGG i WAV.

Zmiany w REAPER

* Tracks can be set to automatically record-arm when selected (per-track or globally, configurable) * Muting tracks now fades signal to avoid clicks (default 5 ms, configurable) * Solo in Front option (with configurable dim amount, action to adjust dim via mousewheel/surfaces) * Internal midi organization updates, fewer stuck notes throughout (when switching takes, mute/solo, etc) * Multimedia keyboard support, including default shortcuts * MIDI editor: hide unused or unnamed note rows (preliminary) * MIDI editor: new triangle (drum mode) view * Cut/copy selected area of selected items now copies/pastes empty space * Arrange view cursor updates on mouse modifier changes * Option (prefs/mouse) to have right click marquee also select time without modifier * MIDI editor previews now are volume adjusted and transposed according to the MIDI item setting * MIDI overdub/replace modes now shift/scale velocity inversely to item settings * MIDI overdub/replace recording now can record piano roll key hits * MIDI editor: show play cursor whenever it can be reasonably located * Glue now preserves sub-sample lengths of items * Mute envelopes (track and send) now send note-offs when used in the middle of notes * Actions to split items at edit cursor with select left, right, and no selection changes * Actions to set/unset FIPM, set/unset loop points linked to time selection * Actions to set/clear, save/restore snapping * Actions to split item under mouse cursor, with optional select left/right * Actions to move cursor to previous/next cue in selected items * Actions window: now restores focus to MIDI editor after executing actions * Fixed stem rendering issues with folders and MIDI items * Fixed longstanding issue with midi sends and volume automation * Fixed absolute 14 bit (pitch shift) mode for metronome volume action * Fixed MIDI action binding updating relative modes of shortcuts * Fixed right click marquee not obeying time selection lock * Fixed custom actions not using plug-in registered names for storing command IDs * Fixed precision errors when switching on item sections via media item properties * Fixed bug when converting midi items to/from files (context not set properly) * Middle mouse button now functions the same in the ruler as in the arrange * Better window updating when doing fast tab to transients * Better undo state point adding when changing track automation modes * Made adjusting the loop selection not scrub if "move cursor to start of loop selection" is set * DXi: send noteoffs on stop * VSTi: now sends specific noteoffs instead of allnotesoff on stop * VSTi: support for VST 2.4 sysex sending/receiving * ReaSynDr: optional multi-out mode (one "instrument" per output) * ReaInsert: sysex sending support * ReaFIR: separate "Points (smooth)" and "Points (flat)" modes * ReaPitch: removed zipper noises when changing volume and pan * OGG writer: now generates more compatible OGG streams, adds encoder tag * JS: plug-ins can disable anti-denormal input noise by setting ext_nodenorm=1 in @init * Updated to Dirac LE 1.3 * Installer updated to NSIS 2.39