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Odtwarzacz multimedialny pozwalający na obsługę plików MP1, MP2, MP3, OGG, XM, MOD, OXM, UMX i MO3 oraz strumieni Internetowych. Aplikacja jest prosta w użyciu, z możliwość korzystania z wbudowanych efektów i dużej ilości dodatków ułatwi obsługę każdemu użytkownikowi.

Zmiany w Mp3CoolPlay-X

# Removed a bug from the 'Jump to time' function, this bug caused hours to be counted as seconds, resulting in jumping to an incorrect position. # Removed a bug which caused the 'Play next' function to select the wrong song when items where deleted from the main playlist. # Now the 'Play next' function also triggers when the next song button is clicked in the main window, before it was only triggered when Mp3CoolPlay-X auto advanced in the list. # Solved a problem which caused the wrong song to be played after removal of several items from the main playlist. Instead of playing the next item in the list, it jumped 2 items too far, ignoring the items in between. # Updated the STDOUT dialog with the ability to select the output path for the encoded files. # Added file checking to the CUE extract funcion, this because the extract function only works on mp3 files. # Removed a bug which caused the EQ DSP (when active) to become inactive after opening the DSP settings dialog. This caused 2 EQ DSP's to be applied to the output when reactivated, and one of them unable to be deactivated. # Improved the spectrum analyzer scaling, now the full spectrum is rendered. # Removed a bug which caused the music to continue playing while quickly starting another song from a new created list, making the previous song unstoppable. This only happend with the fade option enabled.