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Czytnik RSS oraz standardu atom. Posiada bardzo prosty interfejs, możliwość zorganizowania kanałów w konkretnych folderach. Narzędzie powiadamia o pobraniu nowej wiadomości, którą można przeczytać także w trybie offline.

Zmiany w RSS Xpress

Improvements Some invalid feeds (which do not comply with the RSS/atom standard) are now accepted RSS Xpress now checks if the proxy address is valid RSS Xpress now supports the NTLM protocol RSS Xpress proposes, for proxies, an "auto-detection" mode The last version of for SQLite is used It is no more necessary to launch the application with administrator rights, even for using the feed protocol (Firefox) Bugs fixed Bug when launching for the first time RSS Xpress under Windows 7 An error was sometime raised after moving a folder. Then, RSS Xpress could not be launched anymore Bug with the headers of columns in the list of news when clicking on them for sorting news After searching for a keyword, an error was raised when one clicks immediately after on the red cross of the toolbar Bug with the setup under Windows 7 (the desktop shortcut was not correctly created) The feeds catalogue was not working Translations were incomplete