BitDefender Total Security Download

BitDefender Total Security to potężny pakiet bezpieczeństwa dedykowany do użytkowników domowych oraz małych firm, który zawiera: ochronę antywirusową w czasie rzeczywistym, Anti-Rootkit, Anti-Spyware, Anti-Phishing, Firewall, Anti-Phishing, ochronę rodzicielską, Gamer Mode, ochronę połączeń Wi-Fi, Data Backup oraz PC Tune-up.

Zmiany w BitDefender Total Security

· Online Backup: you can back up sensitive data online to keep it safe in case of unfortunate events such as computer theft or hard drive failure. This beta release will include Online Backup for Windows 32b systems, but beta 2 will include this feature in both 32b and 64b installation kits. · Increased privacy protection through Instant Messaging Encryption: you can make sure that no one eavesdrops on the instant messaging traffic between your PC and another machine on which BitDefender is installed. BitDefender Total Security 2009 supports Yahoo! Messenger 8.1 and Windows Live Messenger 8.5. · Increased Storage Protection with File Vault: you can securely store personal information or sensitive files on your computer, making them invulnerable to theft or to a security breach. · More control via home network management: you can manage the security of your home network from a single location. This allows you to remotely configure the BitDefender software from other computers in the netw...