3Dlabs Oxygen & Permedia3 Driver Download

3Dlabs Oxygen & Permedia3 Driver dla Windows 2000/XP 32bit.

Zmiany w 3Dlabs Oxygen & Permedia3 Driver

Supported adapters are:- Permedia3 Create!- Oxygen VX1-16,- Oxygen VX1,- Oxygen VX1-1600SW,- Oxygen GVX1 (multiple Oxygen GVX1 configurations are NOT supported in this driver),- Oxygen GVX210 (dual head Oxygen GVX210 mode is NOT supported in this driver)- Oxygen GVX1 Pro,- Oxygen GVX420 (OpenGL is only supported on the primary head of a dual head Oxygen GVX420 configuration).Video quality fix for Oxygen VX1-16 and VX1 AGP4X boards. Fix for polygon selection problem with Maya 3.Fix for a Rotoscope problem with Softimage XSI.Fix for a AVI playback problem with Maya 3.Fix for system crash with Maya 3 on dual CPU systems.Fix for performance problem with OpenGL applicationsTexture download performance improvement for Oxygen GVX420Memory leak fixed in task bar utility.