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Terratec Home Cinema dla Windows XP/Vista 32/64-bit.

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Terratec Home Cinema 5.82 Windows XP/Vista(all x32/x64). For older hardware (eg, analog products) the version 5.82 is sometimes the better choice. If the 6.3 does not function as desired, you could de-install it and try with this version. Everything from a single source: The TerraTec Home Cinema is the powerful and efficient solution from TerraTec for television on the computer. Turn your computer into a powerful video recorder with manual or controlled recordings (even via Internet) and enjoy the many functions, such as multi-tuner support, convenient management of stations and favorites, electronic program guide, time-shifted television, automatic wake-up from standby or idle state, subtitle display (teletext and DVB), and integrated editing software. All standards are supported - digital (DVB-T, DVB-S and DVB-C) and analog (antenna or cable). Specifically: All TV cards from TerraTec can be controlled with a single software - while all current cards as well as standards can be freely combined!