Guillemot Hercules Hercules 16/12 FW Driver Download

Sterowniki Guillemot Hercules Hercules 16/12 FW Driver dla Windows 2000/XP.

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NOTE: If you are using Windows XP with Service Pack 2, please contact our technical support to obtain a Microsoft Hotfix specific for the 16/12 FW. This Hotfix must be applied BEFORE proceeding with the installation of the drivers in order to correct issues related to this version of Windows. 1 - Uninstall the previous driver version: to do so, click Start/Settings/Control Panel. Select the Add/Remove Programs icon, then uninstall "Hercules 1612 FW". Alternatively, you can simply launch this package: it will uninstall the previous drivers. 2 - Reboot your PC. 3 - Launch this package to install the new drivers. 4 - At the end of the installation, you may be prompted to update your MCU firmware and FPGA Microcode, if you had not already update it. Please strictly follow the on-screen instructions for this very important procedure. 5 - You are now ready to use your Hercules 16/12 FW. New functions : Rewire : This allows you to do redirect stereo inputs to the output of your choice. It is a pure low-latency hardware implementation. Vumeters : Implementation of vu-meters for all the analog inputs. All these new functions can be seen or controlled in the Hercules 16/12 FW control panel. Fixes : Fixed ASIO thread synchronization issue. Fixed a bug in ASIO cleanup. Fixed Ableton Live crackling issue. Addressed ASIO issue which could cause problems in Traction, FL Studio and AudioMulch. Optimized listen buffer reuse algorithm for isochronous transfer.