TMPGEnc MPEG Editor Download

TMPGEnc MPEG Editor jest edytorem wideo który umożliwia niezwykle szybki edycję, dzielenie i łączenie materiału filmowego. Cała praca opiera się na serii kreatorów które skracają czas niezbędny do obróbki materiału do minimum.

Zmiany w TMPGEnc MPEG Editor

Improved File cache memory usage reduced in system embedding a large amount of memory, improving insufficient memory error handling. Improved Improved memory usage when enabling the preview during an ouput, avoiding insufficient memory error messages. Fixed Authoring would cause an insuficient memory error when the total duration of the clips was very long. Fixed Using the high-speed rendering mode with certain types of video cards would make the video not display correctly in the cut-edit and preview windows. Fixed In the cut-edit window, the video picture would not update correctly when changing the display mode between "Display at source size" and "display at window size". Fixed MPEG-2 TS files with an abnormal header would not be correctly recognized. Fixed When the Windows resolution setting is higher than 96 dpi, the vertical pointer in the middle of High-speed thumbnail display would be displayed slightly off to the left. Fixed The DVD reader would not import correctly when garbage data was present in some specific domains. Fixed Conversion to PS file would stop at 100% while importing the WTV file only partially.