VirtualDub Download

Program VirtualDub jest darmowym narzędziem na licencji GNU General Public Licence. Pozwala na edycję plików wideo oferując użytkownikowi szereg przydatnych funkcji takich jak kompresję, przeglądanie poklatkowe, zrzut klatek filmu do obrazów, usuwanie i dodawanie wybranych fragmentów filmu, nakładanie filtrów, a także wklejanie do filmu obrazów statycznych.

Zmiany w VirtualDub

* Export > Raw Audio defaults to .mp3 extension when the audio track is in MPEG layer III format * Capture: Optimized display code slightly when main window is minimized * Fixed another crash with uncompressed paletted video * Fixed several dialogs that had placeholder icons * "Open shared job list" dialog now shows the correct title * Fixed shared job list sync errors when using a job file originally saved from non-shared mode * Image sequence export jobs didn't reload properly * Perspective filter no longer shows garbage preview frame before a frame is sampled * Capture: The "track active window client area" setting of the screencap driver is now saved properly * Capture: Fixed crash when exiting Set Custom Format dialog with no width or height selected * DV: Fixed noise when audio switches between 12-bit and 16-bit encoding * D3D: Fixed wrong-boxing of video when source frame is YCbCr and larger than screen