G-Force Download

Dodatek dla programów iTunes, Windows Media Player 9, Winamp, Musicmatch i Sonique pozwalający na wyświetlanie wielu całkowicie nowych i niezwykłych wizualizacji.

Zmiany w G-Force

* Preprocessor macro string substitution fix * The Mac OS X screensaver no longer prevents sleep * Improvements to fft latency in the Standalone and V-Bar * WMP's auto-retrieved album cover art is now used when no other cover art is available * Fixed possible instability introduced when handling some 8 bit images * Added hotkey (SHIFT+O) to toggle OpenGL mode in Windows * Fixed many problems in Windows resulting from pathnames containing extended characters or pathnames being a network or protocol path * Added new drop-shadow track text style * Resolved Windows Vista compatibility issues * Added J. River Media Center 12 install support