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Narzędzie przydatne każdemu komputerowemu DJ pozwalające na obsługę plików muzycznych MP3, FLAC, WMA, WAV i OGG. Aplikacja zawiera efekty dsp, equalizer, advanced looping i echo, automatic beat detection, flanger, gapper, normalizer oraz analizator spektrum dla kanałów.

Zmiany w djDecks

-Improved: Master Tempo quality -Improved: Reloop Digital Jockey mapping -Improved: MP4/M4A file playback including m4a's encoded with ALAC codec -Fixed: Various bugs related to loading and storing m4a/mp4 tags -Fixed: Bug preventing pitch-bend to respond in some cases when tempocontrol was enabled -Fixed: Bug that could cause all files to be shown as played -Fixed: Keyboard/ud_loop_reversed not working correctly -Fixed: FX select button on AA-DP2