Agnitum Outpost Security Suite Free Download

Agnitum Outpost Security Free Suite is a comprehensive program that provides two-in-one, namely an antivirus and antispyware protection against the ubiquitous threats of the web. The program is widely acclaimed and given awards for anti-malware technology.

The program comes bundled with various options so it may turn out to be a bit complicated to navigate. However, the package includes a tutorial for inexperienced users which provides them with some guidance.
Comparing it to its contemporaries it scans the computer fast. It includes two-way firewall that guarantees secure network connections. The feature named SmartDecision lends you a hand when deciding what you should do with the threats it finds. Moreover, the program is equipped with an anti-spam filter that runs with Microsoft Outlook and other apps of this type and protects your inbox from getting loaded with junk mail each day. The personalized anti-spam combines traditional spam filtering criteria as well as keyword filtering.

Another nifty feature is the USB virus protection, which as the name suggests, prevents viruses occupying your USB devices from getting to and harming your PC. Moreover, the program also has a System Guard that ensures your operating system protection against hijacking. Additionally, it is quite light on hardware resources and does not slow down your PC performance and what is most important it is totally free.

All in all, Agnitum Outpost Security Free Suite is the program that offers an excellent level of security and includes an impressive list of features. Owning this tool, users do not need to worry about their computers being affected by various viruses and spyware.