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Aplikacja do wykonywania automatycznych kopii zapasowych Twojego koputera, FTP lub serwerów Windows. Program pomaga chronić pliki przed utratą lub uszkodzeniem komputera. Tworzy obrazy dowolnych plików. Zapisuje backupy na dowolny nośnik.

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· In this version splitting backups into volumes have been improved. Now the program can split both zip and 7-zip backups. Format of Splitted Zip and 7-zip backups are compatible with Winzip and 7-zip file complessors. When you switch splitting on, then the program will create backup in separate subdirectory in your backup directory. You can restore files from splitted backup as well as from usual backup. · If you tried to back up several paths from the same volume and switch "Back up files that are in use" ON (backup via Volume Shadow Service), then an error occured while processing in an earlier version. Now this bug have been fixed. · In an earlier version, when you back up to USB flash drive, the program created temp zip file directly on usb device. That is slowed down processing especially when you back up a lot of small files to a slow USB flash drive. In the new version temp zip file is created in system temorary directory.