Nestopia Download

Nestopia to jeden z najlepszych dostępnych emulatorów Nintendo/Famicom. Jest to darmowy emulator który jest aktualizowany regularnie. Wersja pod Windows została kompletnie przepisana od nowa, więc program jest udoskonalony. Również jądro emulatora zmieniło się całkowicie.

Zmiany w Nestopia

Shell Additions: * Menu option for DIP switch window popup on file load. * Movie recording now supported during netplay. Shell Changes: * Smaller netplay data packets. * Minor GUI adjustments. * Refactoring. Shell Fixes: * Scaling artifacts with NTSC filter on certain resolutions. * Auto NTSC/PAL window resize bug. * Sound stuttering on window clicks. * Netplay bugs/quirks. * Joystick auto-calibration bug. Core Additions: * Mapper 63. * Mapper 121 and 134. Info from CaH4e3. * Mapper 136 for Sachen board SA-002 3011. Info from Enri. * Mapper 178 for "San Guo Zhong Lie Zhuan (Ch)". Info from temryu. * UNIF boards: AX5705, T-230, CTC-65 and 190IN1. Info from CaH4e3. * Adaptive sound streaming synchronization. * More optimization hints for GCC. * Database entries. Core Changes: * Movie file format rewritten. Older files will no longer work (sorry, had to be done sooner or later). New format is much more flexible and extendable. * Lower memory consumption. * APU speed optimizations. * Most DIP switches are now configurable through dialogs instead being soft-reset-triggered. * Board names. Info from Pongbashi and Bootgod. * Refactoring. Core Fixes: * Mapper 41 and 43. * Mapper 112. Fixes "Fighting Hero III". Info from temryu. * Minor save state inaccuracy. * FDS sound emulation inaccuracy. Fixes "Nazo no Magazine Disk - Nazoraa Land Dai 3 Gou". * Small rewinder bug. * Database entries.