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Calendar Magic to przydatny program, s艂u偶膮cy do informowania, edukowania. Mo偶na go wykorzysta膰 zar贸wno w domu jak i w szkole.

Zmiany w Calendar Magic

* Calendar Magic is now compatible with 32-bit Windows Vista. To keep life simple for both the developer and users, the default installation folder is now c:EuroSoftCalendar Magic. This default folder may be changed but, on Vista, do not install Calendar * Also, if you wish to transfer your personal settings by copying the file calmag.ini from a Windows XP (or earlier) based installation of Calendar Magic, use a text editor to update the Printer Name entry in the [Form 29] section of calmag.ini to: * Printer Name = (Default Printer) * This is necessary because the assigned printer names in Vista and XP are not always identical * Implemented a Financial Calculator, accessed via Utilities > Financial Calculator. In this release, ten different financial calculations are supported 鈥 annuities, bonds, compound interest, fixed rate (declining balance) depreciation, straight-line deprec * In line with the Geometry Calculator, when any result is calculated, the colour of label text associated with the calculated result changes to red, in order to distinguish more clearly between data input and calculated results. Also any input value may be * Added a Favourites menu to the menu bar. You may choose the items displayed on the Favourites menu via a new Options menu item 鈥 Options > Favourites. Chosen favourite items are 鈥渟ticky鈥 until subsequently changed * You may also choose to hide the Favourites menu by clearing the 鈥淪how Favourites Menu鈥 checkbox in Options > Favourites * Added a Fuel Consumption calculator (Utilities > Fuel Consumption). Although fuel consumption by distance and fuel consumption by volume routines already existed within the Unit Converter, user feedback indicated the need for a single set of results calcu * In the Unit Converter, the amount specified may now be a simple arithmetic expression using not more than one of the arithmetic operators + - * / and ^ representing respectively addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and raising to a power. This * Added transliterated Chinese day of week names to the output from Date Conversions * Improved the appearance of the biorhythm information in the output from 鈥淭his is Your Life鈥 * At the request of users, added Arras, France and the Cocos (Keeling) Islands to Calendar Magic鈥檚 world-wide locations database